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New Year, 2022

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Whispered Messages

Of Love, Life, and Gratitude

Whispered Messages Of Love, Life and Gratitude is written by individuals who have leaned in, listened, and experienced, the whisper, in the midst of our windy moments...

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International Best Seller

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My Hidden Strength

Many of us have dreamt of what we would be when we grow up. Then Life (career choices, bad relationships, disappointments, cultural change, etc.) comes at us hard and knocks us off our path. 

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Undeniable You:

The Walls Around Me

Lost? Afraid? Confused? We understand. Not knowing what's wrong, who to turn to, who to trust or where to go can leave anyone feeling frustrated and extremely vulnerable. Did you know that over 40 Million people in the United States alone suffer from some sort of mental illness?


 Undeniable You:

7 Steps to Soar by Myrtha Dubois 

In this short read, “Undeniable You: 7 Steps to Soar” by Myrtha Dubois, you will find the steps to take in finding your purpose in life and to live in the Undeniable You that you were meant to be.

Welcome Future Author,

Congratulations on making a decision to become an author, and hopefully, a best-selling author in 2021..

At Undeniable You we help entrepreneurs like you fulfill a lifelong dream or business goal in sharing their message with the world by becoming highly recognized and credible authors in their field, brand, message, and business. We provide one-of-a-kind full publishing services that support authors in seeing their book become a reality within a short period of time.

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  • Book Packages:

  • Single Book Publishing Services 

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  • Marketing Packages

and more...

At Undeniable You, we provide the following publishing services:

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April 1st- 5th 
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The moment when the Professional 
in you gets real Personal.

Are you ready to be apart of a new Global Book Series?

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