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Hello Precious. Yes. YOU!

Today is your very own wellness day

and this is your startup kit.

Your undeniable experience awaits!

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From this moment forward, be prepared because the moments that take your breath away will be life transforming.

Leave You feeling

  • Cleansed. Clear. Charged.

  • Affirmed

  • Centered

  • High-spirited

  • Exalted


A gift box made with Love!

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YOU may be strong enough to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders but know that you were not built to and definitely not built to do it alone.

We believe before the weight gets too heavy, it’s time you get out from under it and position self to rise above it.

You received this box as an invitation to  

  • pour yourself a cup of tea

  • take a bite of the chocolate

  • mask to unmask

  • light up your candle /lantern

  • run a tub of warm water and soothing bath soak

  • read a few pages of an inspiring book

  • then cover your eyes and lay back until you start to melt

An Undeniable Experience

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CACHEME Logo.png

Undeniable You:

The Walls Around Me

Lost? Afraid? Confused? We understand. Not knowing what's wrong, who to turn to, who to trust or where to go can leave anyone feeling frustrated and extremely vulnerable. Did you know that over 40 Million people in the United States alone suffer from some sort of mental illness?

CACHEME Box2.jpg
CACHEME Logo.png

Whispered Messages

Of Love, Life, and Gratitude

Whispered Messages Of Love, Life and Gratitude is written by individuals who have leaned in, listened, and experienced, the whisper, in the midst of our windy moments...

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