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Meet Myrtha

Personal Growth and Development Strategist

It has been said that “Life Is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” – Vicki Corona.  The sad part is that we all live very busy lives. So much so that we can easily miss taking any breaths at all. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, confused.

I know because I’ve been there.  Married and mother by the age of 22, juggling full-time job and family became stressful. I lost hair, gained weight, even started having panic attacks. Truth is there are days I still have to dig deep and pull from what I know. Which is why I do what I do.

My name is Myrtha Dubois. Born In Jacmel, Haiti, raised in Brooklyn, New York. Currently reside in Clearwater, Florida. My personal experiences have moved me into becoming a Personal Growth and Development Strategist.  Now, I am prepared to help women like you, push past social superficial comfort, self-doubts, and your unfaced fears and instead start to actively participate in the journey towards your best life to enjoy a lifestyle promised by our Creator.

Let’s be real, life is not fair, meaning it may give us more lemons than sugar, but we must learn other ways to make mouth-watering lemonade. For that very reason, we will need to come together as a community and you will need to allow me to equip you with the tools and resources you will need for your personal journey.

Take a step back, INhale slowly and deeply, EXhale purposefully and completely.
Trust in YOU and Trust In The Process.

Take the next step by scheduling your FREE consultation. 

Know this...

"the moments that take your breath away will be life transforming" ~Myrtha Dubois

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I AM created in HIS image.

Called to action. Chosen for my assignment. 

I AM Undeniable. 

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Myrtha Dubois is a Savvy, Loving, Sincere, Leader. 

Myrtha is a Personal Growth & Development Strategist, An International Best-seller Author in multiple categories, and an Author Coach.


Myrtha serves as, an Entrepreneur offering entrepreneurship programs, Visionary of Creating Purposeful Resilience (C.P.R.), CEO of Myrtha Dubois Coaching & Consulting, Host of A Little CPR podcast, and has written over 20 publications to date.


Myrtha’s passion, dedication and work circles around educating, elevating, and empowering women who are feeling overwhelmed, who lack clarity, and who are now asking the question, what’s next. Using what she calls C.P.R., these very women are mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially, intentionally shocked back to life so they can, reaffirm their identity, rebuild their confidence, and redeem their worth, making them Undeniable!

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“7 Steps to Getting Rid of the Overwhelm,
​Gaining Clarity, & Owning your True Value!”

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what people are saying... 


“Myrtha, having you as my Life Coach is like turning on a faucet of positive and supportive energy. ​

Because you are a great listener, you kept me focus, productive and by the end of every session, I felt heard and validated.” ​

~ Andrea Robert​

CEO of Nubian Roots Beauty & Spa, FL


“When I joined the team at Uplift Heights, Myrtha’s primary function included overseeing and directly managing all operations staff; supporting administration and outside stakeholders. ​

Myrtha tirelessly worked systems in place so that everyone on campus had the necessary support. Her work ethic was quite evident. ​

On the ground, Myrtha is forward thinking and is able to anticipate customer needs. As a result, Myrtha works diligently at a variety of levels in order to  maximizer impact on achievements.”

~ Kristin Algier, TX

Primary Director


“Myrtha is a Godsent…​


“She counseled me through a rough time in my life and provided me with assistance on options to resolve the issue.  With her care, persistence I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Myrtha is truly an amazing person.” ​

~ Cateria Powell​

MBA in FL​

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